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About Elka Romero


I'm Elka Romero, the owner and founder of this cute store. I'm artist, illustrator, designer and writer(children's book). Talented since birth, blessed, thankful, contemplative, sensitive and creator! (I prefer to see life that way, although I know it's not only this in a level which include the illusion.)

I love versatility and I inspire with natural and intuitive art (digital and traditional) as erArtStudio and with Ai as erAIcurious, both on social media and I offer artistic digital and hybrid (printables) products, nationally (Brazil) and internationally, focusing on our (mine and yours) well-being.

Thank you for your visit! :D

About erArtStudio & erAIcurious
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You can ask questions for the FAQ and there is a contact page in addition to the options displayed here. You can also join the store's Newsletter using the form below. ;)

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