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erArtStudio & erAIcurious partnership productions ;)


New freebie for you! :D


For those who are waiting for the Ai (not exclusive) images
generated with prompts and improved by me, you can find some HERE .

Visit the Spring store: erArtStudio & erAIcurious

The erArtStudio & erAIcurious is kind a partnership between me and myself (LOL), my natural and intuitive side (erArtStudio) with my technological side (erAIcurious).

- What is the intersection point?
It is the well-being intention.

- What is the main diference between erArtStudio and erAIcurious?
It is the way the images are created, but also the exclusivity of the erArtStudio at The erArtStudio images (arts and illustrations) are created natural and intuitively, and the erAIcurious images are created by prompts for Ai (prompts engineering), but improved naturally by the artist/illustrator Elka Romero (me) when necessary.

- Which AI program is used for the creations?
I don't use just one. The mixture helps in the complements, what is missing in one for the image to be better, the other has it and there is no perfect one, although some results are very satisfactory. Here are some AI sites:, and PU)
- Why "erAIcurious"?
A simple curiosity can become good creations.

If you have any other questions about erArtStudio and erAIcurious creations,
please contact us.

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