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Elka Romero - erArtStudio & erAIcurious
Email: or elkaromero [@] gmail [DOT] com

Copyright ©Elka Romero
All Rights Reserved

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PURCHASING THIS LICENSE you need to know that you must securely keep your purchase data. It is the sole and exclusive way to prove that you have obtained this permission. If the system fails, you have proof of this purchase.

*These terms are subject to change, and it is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that he/she is aware of the most current terms.

*This license is NOT a copyright transfer. All rights reserved to me, the creator artist, Elka Romero.

This license is valid for use of a SINGLE product of my store in your small business for 12 months (one calendar year from the date of purchase). You must purchase a separate license for EACH product that you would like to use in your business. This license does NOT include the actual products themselves. During the checkout process, please list in the comments section the product(s) you are purchasing the license(s) for.

This annual "limited use" license is intended for Professional CRAFTERS (not for designers or photographers) who are producing a printed finished product. If you sell your product as a digital downloadable finished product. please see my Digital Angel Use License.

If you are a designer (e.g. who creates scrapbook collections) please see my Commercial Terms of Use for SPECIFIC PRODUCTS which are displayed in the description as "CU". The license for these specific offerings is included in the purchase, there is no need to purchase a separate license.

If you are a photographer looking to do Scrap for Hire, please see my S4H/S4O License.

You MAY:

Use these graphics to create a new product - i.e. hybrid crafts, cards, invitations, etc which then may be sold in a final, printed form. All graphics remain the property of Elka Romero - erArtStudio as this only grants you a non-exclusive license to use these graphics.


• Republish or sell these graphics - you must create a new product with them.

• Claim the graphics as your own or alter and add to them and claim them as your own. (Please see credits needed, below)

• Sell these graphics in any other collections, on a website or individually, or re-distribute them in any way.

• Make and sell decoupage sheets, rubber stamps, or scrapbook kits, etc for sale or any other distribution.

• Make any of these graphics into Cutting Files (GSD, SVG, WPC or Studio Files, etc) for sale.

• You must not make anything from these graphics or use these graphics in any mass or commercial production.

• Do not share these graphics with any family, friends, groups, etc. Please direct them to our site for their purchase and use.

* We reserve the right to revoke this licence at any time if these terms are not being followed*

Credits must be put on all projects stating that "graphics used by" in a legible font and if they are retailed online, a clickable link must be in the description area back to Elka Romero (

Please note this is an annual license which entitles you to use the graphics for a period of one year. After a period of 12 months you must repurchase this license to continue using, professionally, the graphics you purchased by Elka Romero (


We appreciate your visit! Feel at ease to contact us if you have any questions or want to leave a suggestion and/or testimonial.

Elka Romero

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