Elka Romero is a Brazilian artist, born in Fortaleza-CE, who loves versatility and creativity, mainly, coming from an intuition that is different from that which springs from external inspirations, although she uses both of which are connected anyway. She inspires with intuitive art in both digital and traditional ways. This mix of types of creativity and inspiration in the field of Art denotes part of her eclectic style.


She realizes that intuitive art does not take away the value of techniques, but helps to not get caught up in them and to develop creativity with an extraordinary sense (beyond the usual), human soul extrasensory capacity, which can extend to other aspects of life, not just for artwork. She says that every human being who is willing to observe and perceive his own impressions is capable of developing or sharpening an intuitive sense.


She offers digital, hybrid and physical artistic products with various purposes: self-awareness, self-healing, well-being, development of creativity and intuitive capacity and entrepreneurship (with commercial license), national and internationally.


The Procreate program is her favorite tool for creating digital art, although she has knowledge of several like Photoshop, Illustrator, MediBang Paint Pro, Corel Painter, PaintShop Pro and others.


For art in the traditional way, she uses watercolor, colored pencils and graphite, acrylic paint, markers like Copics, complementary material like glitter, glitter, gel pen... Anyway, she uses varied material, after all, she loves the freedom of artistic expression .

She is a member of the Art Licensing Show London gallery and community for art licensing. (See her profile here). She has worked in several international digital scrapbook and hybrid product (digital design for print) stores, some renowned as Scrapbook-Elements (USA), and was an exclusive designer at one of them, Digitals (USA). Warm and fair stores that keep wonderful memories and learning that can be spread in content for those interested in obtaining.


Author and illustrator of a children's book published in English: “The Dream Of Chrysalis”. The book also is narrated by her on her arts channel, erArtStudio (click to watch), in Portuguese.

Currently, the artist is updating products and creating new ones.

Browse this site to learn more about the works and products, and visit the erArtStudio YouTube channel to see the creative processes of artist Elka Romero.