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Elka Romero - erArtStudio & erAIcurious
COMMERCIAL TERMS OF USE (limited to small business and for specific products)

Email: or elkaromero [@] gmail [DOT] com

*This license is NOT a copyright transfer. All rights reserved to the creator artist/illustrator, Elka Romero.

*These terms are subject to change and it is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that he/she is aware of the most current terms.

*This license does not extend to commercial organizations, publishers or for mass reproduction by a manufacturing company.

*This license is NOT transferable with the item on
its original form.


This license is for commercial-use (SPECIFIC PRODUCTS which are displayed in the description as "CU") however, this is NOT CU4CU, meaning that you are NOT allowed to create commercial use products from this products. The S4H/S4O License (for photographers), Digital Angel Use License (suspended for now) and Printed Use License (for crafters) are sold separately from each product. Please see them in the correct links.

• YOU MAY alter these items for use in your creations, but you can NOT claim the original form as your own. If altered by Ai(artificial intelligence) image generation, the result must contain significant differences.

• YOU MAY use a flattened (jpg/png; not layered) file for monetary gain, by incorporating them in a digital scrapbooking kit, pages and/or projects as long as they are packaged along with other elements and sold as PERSONAL USE items.

• It's not allowed to use, create or sell any type of commercial use products with these files under this license.

• It's not allowed to share, exchange or redistribute the files or part of the files in anyway.

• It's not allowed to include, repackage, and/or redistribute these files in their original form.

• It's not allowed to use original items (whole or part) to give away as a freebie.

• It's not allowed to use these images for any purpose that is prohibited by law.

*Credits are not required but gladly appreciated. :)

We appreciate your visit! Feel at ease to contact us if you have any questions or want to leave a suggestion and/or testimonial.

Elka Romero

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